Mediation Services


Mediation is a voluntary, informal, and confidential meeting that allows parties involved in a dispute the chance to discuss the issues with the help of a professional mediator. The goal is to reach a resolution or agreement for both parties. Voluntary participation in a session allows parties to discuss the issues in a safe setting and to reach an agreement that works for them. Mediation can be used in many settings, including:

School Mediation: 

  • Disputes between students during the school day.


  • Disagreements between parents of students over issues happening in school.


  • Conflicts between students, or their parents, and teachers or administrators.

Neighborhood Mediation:

  • Repair, return or replace property.


  • Payment of medical expenses


  • Agreement to modify or cease specific behavior.


Trained, professional mediators procured by the Polk County Attorney's Office:

  • Will not take sides.


  • Will not make decisions or tell any participant what they need to do to resolve the problem. The mediator is not a judge.


  • Will assist the parties in understanding all the issues and finding common ground.


  • Will assist the parties in writing an agreement.


  • Will ensure that ground rules are followed by the parties and maintain a respectful atmosphere during the session.

Advantages of Mediation:

  • Mediation gives the parties the ability to avoid litigation which can be expensive.


  • It improves communication between the two parties in a confidential setting.


  • Allows for more creative fixes to issues.


  • Mediation saves everyone time by working for the best potential outcome of a problem.


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