Comprehensive Emergency Plan


The Polk County Comprehensive Emergency Plan (CEP) is the document that provides the foundation for all disaster and emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation operations conducted within Polk County, Iowa.

The Base Plan outlines the basic concepts, roles, responsibilities, processes, and coordinating structures for managing emergency incidents. It includes appendixes for a glossary of terms, list of acronyms, and continuity of operations/government.

Beyond the Base Plan, as set of 15 Emergency Support Functions (ESF) provide the road map for a coordinated, cohesive, and all-encompassing response to emergencies and disasters within Polk County.

ESFs are organized around 15 functional areas, each with a specific focus and set of responsibilities. These functional areas include:

  1. Transportation
  2. Communications
  3. Public Works and Engineering
  4. Firefighting
  5. Emergency Management
  6. Mass Care & Human Services
  7. Resource Support
  8. Public Health and Medical Services
  9. Search and Rescue
  10. Hazardous Materials
  11. Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Pets
  12. Energy
  13. Law Enforcement and Security
  14. Mitigation & Recovery
  15. Public Information

Depending on the disaster or emergency, the appropriate combination of ESF plans may be activated to deliver the needed response and recovery resources. The plans are a collaborative effort between many stakeholders, including: response agencies, state and local government, private industry and business, and non-governmental organizations.

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