Preparedness Primer

Purpose of the Preparedness Primer: Assist in the establishment and maintenance of a comprehensive planning, training, and exercise program across Polk County.

Expected Outcomes: Local jurisdictions have realistic, tested, and proven plans with policies and procedures that reflect the specific needs of each community while validating the planning process with a comprehensive exercise program.

Description: This document contains a brief overview of planning, for without a plan to validate, there can be no exercise. Likewise, for an exercise to be successful, personnel need to have been trained on their roles within the plan. Next, this document reviews the various aspects of law and policy which may drive individual exercise programs. Background guidance is provided to help with the development of new programs, or the education of individuals who do not have a background in exercise design and/or execution. Recommendations are made for the reader who wishes to expand their knowledge on each topic area and resources are provided for sample exercises that may be tailored to the local jurisdiction or organization as well as “off the shelf” exercises that are ready for implementation with little effort.

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